The third book in the Demonic Indemnity series is coming August 1!




Supernatural Peril finds Tim Lovecraft dispatched to the small town of Abomination, where he is assigned to investigate an agent who mysteriously disappeared.

With a werewolf safari park full of ex-cons, a blood brewery that doesn’t seem too picky about how they source their primary ingredient and a rundown vampire used car lot run by a man who is only pretending to be a vampire for marketing purposes, things in this town are weird in a distinctly different way that what Tim is used to.

It’s only when he starts investigating a series of dodgy claims that Tim begins to realize that Abomination may not be the forgotten rural backwater it appears to be.  There’s something evil lurking beneath the surface…and it’s about to wake up.


The book will be released on August 1, 2020.

You can pre-order it here:






AMAZON (Canada)


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