It’s been a while, but the new book in the Demonic Indemnity series is finally finished!

Evil Entrapment is going to upend things a bit.

Tim is going to be handed the biggest and most dangerous assignment of his short career in SIU. He’ll accidentally adopt a demon, end up in a werewolf fighting pit, be forced to deal directly with the trolls in IT, and infiltrate a club where humans are most definitely on the menu.

He’s also going to be confronted with the possibility that the Sons of Darkness may have returned, that Crimson Seal isn’t actually just an insurance company after all, and that Stake is about the become the (second) brother he didn’t want.

Everything is ticking into the final stages of post-production now, so I’ll have an announcement shortly about when this one will be hitting the shelves.

In the meantime, here’s an advance look at the cover.

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