Demonic Indemnity Audiobook Out Now

Demonic Indemnity is now available in sonic form!

Narrated by the tremendously funny Aubrey Parsons, who still somehow has a voice after speaking like a variety of demons over the course of nine hours and change, this is the first one of my books to come out in an audio format and I’m pretty jazzed about the results.

You can pick it up on Audible, Amazon and iTunes as of now. Listen while doing laundry, pretending to work or driving long distances to see relatives that you not-so-secretly detest!

Ebook Out Oct 13 – Paperback Now Available!

Evil Entrapment is now available in paperback!

You can get it now at the following links:



AMAZON (Canada)

AMAZON (Australia)

The ebook is now available for preorder and is coming Oct 13.

Because the physical editions take a little longer to produce and ship, they’re getting a bit of a head start this time.

The entire Demonic Series is now available in print

To those who have emailed me to ask about print editions of the other books, rest assured, your voices have been heard. Infernal Negligence and Supernatural Peril are also now available in paperback.



AMAZON (Canada)

AMAZON (Australia)



AMAZON (Canada)

AMAZON (Australia)

An audiobook version of Demonic Indemnity is on the production slate for 2022, so get your ears ready.

Evil Entrapment is coming soon!

It’s been a while, but the new book in the Demonic Indemnity series is finally finished!

Evil Entrapment is going to upend things a bit.

Tim is going to be handed the biggest and most dangerous assignment of his short career in SIU. He’ll accidentally adopt a demon, end up in a werewolf fighting pit, be forced to deal directly with the trolls in IT, and infiltrate a club where humans are most definitely on the menu.

He’s also going to be confronted with the possibility that the Sons of Darkness may have returned, that Crimson Seal isn’t actually just an insurance company after all, and that Stake is about the become the (second) brother he didn’t want.

Everything is ticking into the final stages of post-production now, so I’ll have an announcement shortly about when this one will be hitting the shelves.

In the meantime, here’s an advance look at the cover.

Supernatural Peril – Aug 1!

The third book in the Demonic Indemnity series is coming August 1!




Supernatural Peril finds Tim Lovecraft dispatched to the small town of Abomination, where he is assigned to investigate an agent who mysteriously disappeared.

With a werewolf safari park full of ex-cons, a blood brewery that doesn’t seem too picky about how they source their primary ingredient and a rundown vampire used car lot run by a man who is only pretending to be a vampire for marketing purposes, things in this town are weird in a distinctly different way that what Tim is used to.

It’s only when he starts investigating a series of dodgy claims that Tim begins to realize that Abomination may not be the forgotten rural backwater it appears to be.  There’s something evil lurking beneath the surface…and it’s about to wake up.


The book will be released on August 1, 2020.

You can pre-order it here:






AMAZON (Canada)


Infernal Negligence Has Arrived!

Big news – Infernal Negligence, the follow up to Demonic Indemnity, has just been released!


The book is currently available on Amazon and will also soon be available on iTunes and other channels.  If you have not yet signed up for the mailing list, you can also get the book for free by doing that.

The third book in the series is already underway and may be arriving before the end of the year, depending on how long I’m confined to the house.  Stay tuned!

Infernal Negligence

The Demonic Indemnity follow up is almost done and will be hitting the shelves shortly.  In the meantime, here’s a look at the cover.  Like its predecessor, it comes from the excellent Carl Graves over at Extended Imagery:


Stay tuned for more details!

Get Demonic – On Paper

Demonic Indemnity is now out in paperback!  Kudos to Rob over at 52 Novels for doing such an excellent job on the conversion and layout.

If you’re one of those tactile types who prefer a physical book to a collection of ethereal 1s and 0s, this is your chance.  You can get it here:


AMAZON (US)          AMAZON (UK)

CraigMcLay_Demonic Indemnity_PaperbackMockup

That’s all for now.

Demonic Indemnity is out!

CraigMcLay_Demonic Indemnity_eBookFrontCoverFINAL

Demonic Indemnity is out and you can find it thusly:


AMAZON (US)        AMAZON (UK)        AMAZON (Canada)


This is my personal favourite of my books, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.  Having worked in insurance for years, it was a blast to be able to once again put some of my own experiences (although not the ones involving vampires, werewolves or demons) to practical use.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back in the fall with The Hellfire Club, which is the sequel to The Donnelly Tontine.  Two more titles are in the works for next year, so stay tuned for that.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me over on the Facebook page or drop me an email at

Demonic Indemnity

My new book, Demonic Indemnity, is coming next month:

CraigMcLay_Demonic Indemnity_eBookFrontCoverFINAL

As the first human in 3,200 years to work in the Special Investigations Unit of Crimson Seal Insurance, Tim Lovecraft knows his days of processing run-of-the-mill claims for werewolf maulings and poltergeist home invasions are over.

SIU is where they investigate the toughest and scariest claims, like supernatural identity theft (aka demonic possession), exsanguinations (total and partial), zombification, and death or injury by cursed artefacts of all kinds.

Despite the new job, Tim’s life is not easy.  His new boss is a literal demon with no regard for the company’s scent-free workplace policy.  His brother is a lazy, unemployed vampire who won’t move his coffin out of Tim’s apartment.  His coworkers are a motely collection of werewolves and ghouls.  And his mother won’t stop trying to set him up with psychics from her chain of spiritualist day spas.

Tim badly wants to make a good impression by solving his first case.  When he gets caught between a powerful cult trying to resurrect an ancient entity and a demon mob boss who wants him dead, Tim knows he is seriously increasing his odds of statistically expected mortality.

Demonic Indemnity is another hilariously horrific tale from Craig McLay, author of award-winning international bestsellers Village Books, The Donnelly Tontine and other books you should read immediately.


This is my favourite of all the books I’ve written to date.  I had a blast working on this one and am already at work on the next one because this is a playground I think I’ll enjoy messing around in for a while.  The book is going to be hitting Amazon in June.  Select mailing list subscribers will be getting their hands on some advance copies for free.  Don’t worry if you miss out on this one, because I’m always giving away free stuff to somebody.